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As a best online casino in Malaysia, Winclub88 provides you the best platform for esports and sportsbook betting. Do you know how does online sport betting works? Here are some sports betting tips:

Sport betting as what it sounds like, it’s basically placing your bet on the team or player that you favor in a particular sport. If the team/player wins, you win a set amount of money.


1. Maxbet

At Winclub88, we provide the No.1 online sportsbook with Maxbet. You get to enjoy sports betting Malaysia, eSport betting and other remote gaming betting through the Maxbet platform that we provided.

All kinds of sports betting are available here at Maxbet online such as football betting, soccer bets, tennis betting, basketball betting, baseball betting, ice hockey betting, etc. Not only sports betting, but you can also bid on virtual sports, esports competitions and number games too.

2. CMD 368

CMD 368 is also available at Winclub88. We strive to provide you with the most competitive odds, for main leagues or matches. At CMD268, there are great bet types, sports selection, and live matches. Find special world events such as World Cup, Olympic Sports and more.

Asian Handicap

Not just placing bets, there are some features in the sport betting online that makes the games more challenging and unpredictable – the plus and minus lines. These betting lines are known as Asian Handicap which is very popular in Asia. Bets can be placed either online through online casino site, or offline through an Asian bookie.

Let’s see how betting lines work.

Under some circumstances, you will probably find that a specific team/player has a definite winning chance compared to another. But here is what turn things around – instead of just betting which team to win, the sports betting game use plus and minus line: plus line for the underdogs and minus line for the favorite for betting. Now, it is depending on the scores that decide your winning.

Here is some example:

Team A (+1.0), Team B (-1.0)

  1. If you placed your bet on Team B, 1 point will need to be given out, and Team B will need to win by 2 or more points, then only you win with the leftover points.
  2. If you placed your bet on Team A, 1 points are in your pocket already and for the opposite team to win, they will need to score at least 2 and above. If they don’t, you win.
  3. This plus and minus lines have given the sport betting games much more possibilities and excitement.

Football betting Tips & Strategies

  1. Don't just blindly place your bet on your favorite team. There are more than skills that determine the odds. Analyze the situation carefully before you place your bet. Is the team stands in favor situation or are they underdogs? If you are placing your bet regardless of all the factors but just to show support, then you should be rational on the bet you are going to place.
  2. Set aside a bankroll. You should always have a budget in mind for what you can afford to lose. Have good self-control and don't use bigger bets to chase losses.
  3. Study, study and study. Always analyze the games before you decide which team to try your luck. There are usually records of the teams. The strengths, weaknesses, and strategies they used are something you can always refer to. Compare the two teams so that you can know which team has a higher winning chance.


eSports are video games in forms of competition. It is often in the form of multiplayer video game competitions between individuals or as a team. eSports has gained its popularity throughout the years where the participation is by professional gamers and the competitions are conducted through live streaming. One of the most popular games – Dota2 is organizing tournament every year - The International and you will be surprised by how much audiences and betting the games can receive. Millions and millions!

Popular esports games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and many others have been the giant players in the market which has a large number of players and audience bases. The esports tournaments such as Dota 2’s The International and League of Legends World Championship provide live broadcasts throughout the competitions and attractive prize money up to millions of USD. In the recent Dota2’s The International 2019, the grand champion team has won prize money of USD 15 million.

At Winclub 88 esport betting platform, you can pick your team and bet. We have games for betting such LOL (League of Legends), CS GO online (Counter Strike), Warcraft, etc. You can always check the esportlivescores of different esports events, tournaments and competitions that held. Support your favorite games and team now!