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MYR 1Mil Onwards Platinum Member
By Invitation Only Diamond Member
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Personal VIP Manager

Terms & Conditions

  1. For the first time upgrade, members are required to provide all the necessary documents for verification purposes. After the verification is complete, the membership status will be updated into the system within 3 working days.

  2. The verification steps are as follows:
    1. Verify Profile Details (Full name, Phone number and Email Address)
    2. Verify Game Account Activity (Betting Style, Deposit & Withdraw Activity)
    Important Note: Should there be any suspicious or abnormal activities during the 3-day verification period, the management reserves the right to reject the qualification to upgrade.
  3. VIP Privilege can be enjoyed immediately after upgrading to the next tier level and is valid for one year based on the highest tier achieved.
  4. Important Note:In order to retain your membership status, members are required to achieve the same requirement within a single quarter.
  5. All VIP status upgrade invitations will be sent out by WinClub88 VIP Department.
  6. WinClub88 reserves the right to remove members’ account VIP Privilege, and to downgrade the VIP levers or even terminate any accounts it deems to have any suspicious or abnormal activities at any time without any prior notice.
  7. Important Note:Every membership status subject to downgrade based on the account activities.
  8. All WinClub88 management decisions are final.


Q: How to become a VIP member ?
A : You will need to deposit at least RM100,000 within a single quarter (3 months) to become a Silver Member.

Q: How many levels are there for VIP program ?
A: There are a total of 4 levels. The VIP Program consists of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tier levels.

Q: How do I get upgraded to the next level ?
A: You will have to deposit the minimum amount required by each tier into your account.
For example, if you are currently a Red Member, you will have to deposit at least RM100,000 to become a Silver Member, and from Silver Member, you will need to deposit at least another RM300,000 to become a Gold Member.

Q: How long is my VIP Membership status valid for?
A: Once you are upgraded to the next level, your VIP Membership is valid for one year based on the highest tier level achieved.

Q: How do I retain my VIP membership status ?
A: To retain your member tier status for the following year, you will need to deposit the required amount by the last quarter before the expiration date.
For example, if your Silver Member status is valid from January - December, you will need to achieve a RM100,000 deposit by the final quarter of the year (October) to retain your existing level for the following year.

Q: Is there an annual or monthly fees to be part of the VIP members?
A: No. This program was created to promote all loyal members who actively patronage WinClub88 gaming experience since registered date.

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As a well-established online casino in Malaysia, Winclub88 provides the best we could in terms of online casino games, 4D lottery, Esports, sport betting, online slots games, services, and promotions. Winclub88 member gets to enjoy all kinds of online casino promotions we have tailor-made whether they are a new player, a regular player or loyal players at Winclub88. And now, we have made it to another level of membership – the VIPs. We want you to know how much we appreciate your engagement with us. With our membership and VIP Program, online casino bonuses are more to come.

5 Tier of Winclub88 Membership

1. Red Member

You are automatically a Red Member when you start playing at Winclub88. If you are a newly registered player, we offer all kinds of starter promotions and signup bonuses to welcome you! Check the Winclub88 great promotion and bonuses that you are entitled to. You definitely won’t want to miss our new member promotion before you jump into our next level of Membership.

2. Silver Member (MYR100k Onwards)

We hope you enjoy yourself at Winclub88. You are a Silver Member if you have accumulated your total deposit amount from MYR100k onwards. As a Silver Member, you unlocked some of the exclusive VIP rewards such as Upgrade Bonus, 0.6% of Rebates at our casino games such as Slots Games, Live Casino, and Sports Rebate! You get to enjoy different seasonal & birthday bonus/gift as well!

3. Gold Member (MYR400k Onwards)

Looks like you enjoy yourself at Winclub88! You are upgraded to our next tier of VIP Program - Gold Member with a total accumulated deposit amount of MYR400k and above at Winclub88! You are almost there to unlocked all of our VIP benefits. As a gold member, you are now entitled to a higher upgrade bonus, daily rescue bonus, referral bonus, higher rebate rate to all Casino Games and different kind of seasonal & birthday bonuses/gift. Also, you will have a VIP Personal Manager towards servicing throughout your time at Winclub88.

4. Platinum Member (MYR1mil Onwards)

Wow! Congratulations on making it to our Platinum Member with a total deposited amount of MYR1mil. We hope you have a great time at Winclub88. Now as a Platinum Member, you get to enjoy all of the premium rewards, benefits, and promotion at our Online Casino. All the rates and rewards you will be receiving is at the best value! You also get to enjoy flexible daily withdraw limits. As for Winclub88 VIP Seasonal Bonus, you can always check what are the latest bonus that you are entitled to with your Personal VIP Manager or via Live Chat Support.

5. Diamond Member (by Invitation Only)

We appreciate your support towards Winclub88. By invitation, you are now our Diamond Member! Enjoy all of our exclusive VIP Privileges.